Thursday, 2 January 2014

Amy Sullivan

Weeds Botanical Greeting Card Set of 6 with Matching Kraft Envelopes

Amy Sullivan is an illustrator and designer who is currently based in Colorado, United States.  With a passion for Scandinavian folklore and Mid Century modern architecture, Amy creates illustrations with a retro and eclectic twist.  Visit her online store to see her full range of paper and fabric goods and more!

Sasquatch Rare Sightings Species Print

Pileated Woodpecker Limited Edition Print

Custom Illustration Holiday Greeting Card Modern Family

Grey Squirrel Limited Edition Print

Modern Snowflake Holiday Greeting Card Set of 8 with Matching Kraft Envelopes

Chupacabra Rare Sightings Naturalist Species Print

Dandelion Limited Edition Botanical Print

Fancy Trees Print

Modern Snowflake Illustration Blue Stellar Plate Snowflake Limited Edition Print

Hello Retro Phone Print

Spear Thistle Limited Edition Botanical Print

Wisconsin Farmer's Market Poster

ABC's of MCM K is for Kittlesen Cathrineholm Print

Kraken Giant Squid Illustration Large Print

Sugar Maple Autumn Leaves Botanical Print

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